Maybe you'd rather just send some money to show your support for my ethical craft life? I would be ever so grateful! thank you for even considering it! Although, I'd also like to make you something you'd like enough to buy, do you prefer wall art to jewelry? Would you rather take a class?  
I am a recycling upcycler! I try to keep my materials local & USA made, I donate pieces to community auctions when possible. I overall do my best to pay it forward & help folks when I can. 
Your support means so much to me! 
Thank you!
Feel good knowing if you Paypal me! I will use the money for good not evil. Love & hugs xoxo

This copper water line is some of my favorite scrap! 

Do you have scrap copper, silver, brass, or old jewelry you'd like to donate? I would be happy to take it off your hands! Buying materials is the hardest part of what I do! Thank you for your continued support!